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Stealing the Show

Well, the kids stole the show this weekend. Ivan took his first steps (!!!!!) and Silas schooled me on all my Hueco projects. Paul and I climbed a lot. A LOT! We even ventured up onto West Mountain to try some different stuff…which took some extensive round-about adventuring to get the kids safely up to the climbs. But no big number sends to report. Paul tore a hole in his fingertrip on his first climb of the weekend and thus wasn’t able to even try to attempt the razor crimps on Nagual, v13. I came REALLY close to sending Sex After Death, v8 (and am totally blaming it solely on a botched move), all while Bloody Flapper Traverse, v9 slowly starts to bake in the warming desert temps while I continue to fall from the final move. Good thing we’ve got these kids with us to keep the action rolling.

Silas on top of his warm-up climb

Ivan warming up his newly found walking legs

Mama’s taking a rest from her project. Time to go “cookoo crazy”!

All chalked up and ready to try Sex After Death, v8

He pulls on…

“Did you see dat mama?!”

Meanwhile, with big brother busy climbing, Ivan jumps on the opportunity to play with the diggers!

Next up, Star Power, v5

“Mama. You jus need to put your weft foot here and your wight foot here.”

“You got it mama!”

Beta boy

Ivan eyeing up his own boulder problem to climb

Forget the walking, this is way easier

Paul trying to keep up with his boys by sending Long Dong, v6

The finish of Long Dong. STELLAR boulder problem.

Silas isn’t impressed.

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