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Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to me!

It’s not every year I get a holiday and birthday all on the same day. Chocolate bunnies PLUS birthday cake!! Lucky me! We had a delightful weekend at home eating good homemade food, having fun with the kids and visiting with our dear friend Tammy who was in town.

Silas and I tried dyeing eggs naturally this year with red cabbage, beets, yellow onion skins, red onion skins, tumeric and raspberry zinger tea bags

We were pretty skeptical through the entire process. The dyes looked like they were all going to be just red or yellow

What a surprise when they were all done!!! They were beautiful!

Here are the boys inspecting the Easter Bunny’s goodies

All of us enjoying Paul’s muffins for breakfast

Ivan’s first Easter egg hunt!

He found his first egg and was content just to toddle around with it

…while Silas hunted for all the rest

Paul and Silas made me a delicious carrot cake (in addition to the muffins for breakfast and ham dinner!!)

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