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Grandparents, Monsoons, & Route Climbing

Silas’ grandparents (my parents) were here in town last week, just in time for the start of our desert monsoon season. The rain and humidity along with my parent’s presence were all nice reminders of the eastern states that I miss from time to time living here in the starkly contrasting desert. Without trying to pack too much into a short one week visit, we showed off all of Silas’ new tricks (at least 30 times over), went for nice walks, ate delicious home-cooked foods, swam in the pool and even checked out some local wineries in Sonoita (another blast from the east having grown up near the wine-rich Finger Lakes area in NY). It was quite a relaxing week with an abundance of that good ‘ol “quality time”. And the best part was that Silas sprung his first little tooth on the last day my mom was here in town. Can’t top that.

And so in between the family visiting and the heat and the rain, Paul and I have also managed to train a little bit of endurance, both running and climbing…gearing up for our summer climbing vacation (that has been re-written and revised about 10 times now, at least). We’ve finally made up our minds and decided that since we’re kinda enjoying this route climbing thang, well heck, we’ll just keep doing it! And so, our next post will most likely contain photos of flexing pumped-out forearms attached to a boulderer pretending to be a route climber (for the photo, anyway) high, high above the ground on huge walls of conglomerate cobblestones in…..drum roll, please…..Maple Canyon, Utah!!! See ya’s there, peeps. 🙂

Goofin’ off with Grandpa

Quite time with Grandma (this boy LOVES books, btw)

Sorry Silas, no wine for you

The vines at Rancho Rossa Vineyards

Silas and and his Grandpa

My mom and I up on Mt. Lemmon

My mom and Paul

Me and my baby

Grandma’s turn

Monsoon blowing in over Tucson


More cuteness

Cuteness cubed

Cuteness to infinity

Silas and his Grandma

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