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New Tricks

My little bambino is growing like a weed right before my eyes. Lately it seems each day Silas is showing off a new move. The Steamroller, The Bouncy Sit, The Bouncy Stand, The Bouncy Superman, The Table Slap, The Table Lick, The Crib Lick….I could on all day. One thing is for certain, this boy wants to move, move, move and go, go go. I think he’s going to be mobile very soon. !!!!!

The Bouncy Stand

Gearing up for the Crib Lick

The Bouncy Stand with mama (his favorite – and mine. My biceps have never been bigger!)

Taking a break from the exhausting Bouncy Sit

The Table Slap

Making sure the waitress isn’t watching before sneaking in a quick Table Lick

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