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The Playpen (34.5lbs) Goes to Maple…

…as do the diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, changing pad, baby Patagucci fleece hoodie, burp cloth, extra outfit in case of a diaper blow-out, plastic garbage bag to hold diaper blow-out, books, binky, sunhat (~5lbs), baby backpack and baby (22lbs).

Add to that the standard sport climbing gear: 70m rope (11.24lbs), 21 quickdraws (5lbs), harnesses, chalkbags, shoes, food (~2lbs), water (~2lbs),

Add to that 1 extra gal. of water for the dog because we didn’t think to bring her doggie backpack (~8.35lbs).

Grand total = 90.09lbs

Split that between April and I = 45.05lbs/person

Then carry that for about a 1 hour hike (from the lowest Maple Canyon campsite because all the others were booked), uphill to the Pipe Dream Cave in 80 degree 100% humidity heat at 7AM to beat the crowds.

Then try to send.

Throughout my 14 years of climbing I’ve often been faced with undesirable circumstances when wanting to climb. I’ve sat 4 hrs in a car with a dog drooling on my back (without the recommended raincoat) on the way to the NRG, walked around all day in dress shoes and shorts at Hueco in the winter because I forgot my approach shoes and pants, sat for 24 hrs continuously in seats that didn’t recline on a flight to South Africa, climbed with chills and a fever in France because there were only 4 days left in the climbing trip (cuz if it ain’t rainin’ in Font you better be climbin’), shared a shot of whiskey with a good old West Virginia local sporting a fishing rod and a pistol just to make sure I was on his good side in order to feel at home at the crag…just to name a few.

So as my cotton underwear sagged from sweat and the thin straps of the playpen bag started to rub my shoulders raw, I noticed a slight smile creep onto my face, the smile of insanity. And then I looked back at April to check her upward progress. When our eyes met we couldn’t hold in the chuckle of a madman. “What the hell are we doing?” No sooner did we notice our extreme situation when two people hiked up and asked us if we were backpacking. “Nope, climbing” we both replied without hesitation, in unison. And that sums it up. We’re simply climbing. Climbing in crappy circumstances is better than not climbing at all, as April would say. As soon as my feet leave the ground it no longer matters how far I drove, how long I hiked, or how much weight I carried to get here. We love it, all three of us!

Rest stop on the 15 hr drive to Maple Canyon, Utah

Silas stretching his chubby legs

Two days in campsite #9 before we got booted to the bottom of the canyon

The 34.5lb playpen

Silas doesn’t seem to mind its weight

Chillin’ at the Zen Garden

Chillin’ at the Pipe Dream Cave

The Pipe Dream

Morgan without doggie backpack. Lucky dog

Resting after a day of insanity

Pancakes for fuel after day of insanity

Maple Canyon

Silas loving the Pipe Dream

The campsite at the bottom of the canyon

April’s sister Holly in the Schoolroom. She and Joe joined us for two days from SLC

Me onsighting Sweet Peas, 5.12a

April on Sweet Peas, 5.12a

Aunt Holly and baby Silas checking out the cobbles

Joe on Sweet Peas

Me onsighting the soft 50, 5.13a

Joe leading a 5.9 at the Oxygen Wall

Silas is #1

An interesting stop on the way home

The Colorado River below the Navajo Bridge

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