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And the Rampage is On

Last weekend marked the first of many at Hueco for us. We’ll be spending a lot of time there over the next couple months…including an extended stay with our Pittsburgh friends, Brian & Jen & little Seb and Oren. This is what we’ve been training for, and so far….well, so good.

First up for the weekend was my request to go to the New Meadow. I have a silly little goal of ticking a grade for each of Silas’ months. v2 when Silas was 2 months old (just *barely* scrapped my way up Nobody Here Gets out Alive!), v3 at 3 months, v4 at 4 months, and so on. Well, he’s 5 months now so I tried to repeat a v5 gimme – for me, anyway. I’ve probably done Lobster Claws at least 30 times. And yes, Saturday I did it again. Wooo!

Next up was some work on my first real project I’ve picked out (post-Silas), King Cobra, v6. And based on my performance on it, hmmmm, this climb may go down sooner than expected (hopefully before Silas turns 7 months so I don’t blow my silly little goal, haha!)

Then it was on to Raquel’s obsession, See Sharp, v6. For those of you that have been on this climb, you know I mean when I say “dang it’s a feisty one.” Not very tall, not very steep, and not very hard-looking. Uh yeah, until you touch the holds. Raquel though, is totally styling the moves (and the heinous crimps! Yow!). Styling so well in fact, that her performance on it has lured me in too. I, however am *very* far from ticking this one. Go Raquel! This one’s your’s girl.

Next up on the list, a little clean-up action by Paul over at the Terminator area. As you might recall from our last Hueco trip in January, The Governator, v10 was close to going down. And it did, first try. That was too easy Paul, you need to get on something harder. 😉

Which brings us to the final highlight of the weekend: Alma Blanca, v13. Paul’s new project. Stay tuned…

My two boys. Ready to hit the road and head to the boulders.

Raquel styling See Sharp, v6.

Paul trying to look as good as Raquel.

And me just trying to get my butt off the ground!

A surprised Silas

A happy Silas

The Governator, v10

Paul on Power of Silence, v10. Still a project.

Oh the places Silas’ bouncy seat will take him: propped under blowing shrubs and trees and grasses (Nature’s Mobiles)

..or under the swirling colorful roofs of little caves.

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