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No Reservations Don’t = No Sending

It’s not often that we go to Hueco without reservations. Especially during the busy season. However, when you know you’re going to send you can’t sit at home waiting. So…we packed the van and showed up to the biggest line we’ve ever seen at the entrance of Hueco. We were a little stressed at first but managed to get in (a BIG thanks to our El Paso friends). After a quick warm-up I walked over to Diaphanous Sea. With Daniel Woods cheering from behind I over powered the climb and nearly made the big move static. ha ha. He said, “Dude, you almost did that static.” I said, “I didn’t mean to, I’ve always had to dyno like crazy to hit that.” After that “warm-up go” I knew I could do it. A few minutes later Diaphanous Sea became another classic Hueco problem ticked off my list. YEAH! And a little bit later Daniel made the 3rd ascent of Terremer, v15. Nice!

Diaphanous Sea v12

Mama and Silas cheer Dad on

Perfect weather

A lot of family fun

Silas loves the views

Mama and son

The monster hat rules

It was cloudy an hour earlier. Perfect for The Governator, v10 which is always in the sun.

Hot but still rad

No cheers from Silas on this climb

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