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Adjust Your Attitude

A Hueco Tanks boulder problem, yes. But also the vibe that’s been lurking out back at the woody as we train to be something great, sneaking around and nipping us in the butt when we let go from a climb, bail on that last pullup, or heaven forbid….begin to whine. “It’s time to get serious people,” as Paul loves to say.

One of the wonderful things about our sport is that there is no prescribed training recipe. You want to run a 5k? Well google “train for 5k” and all kinds of info pops up, easy. For climbing though, most of us are left to our own training concoctions. And there’s oodles of room for creativity. Core training: let’s do L-sits, no even better, how about L-sit pullups? Then let’s add 90 degree lock-off hangs to the L-sits, plus the L-sit pullups. And do this after a climbing session, or before? Now, let’s train fingers. What’s more effective, hanging as long as you can on the sloper, or hanging until failure at .5 seconds on the micro-crimp? Or what about adding feet to the equation and doing this on the woody? And now what about cross-training? Run 30 minutes. No, 60 minutes. No, 30 minutes plus speed. And do this after a climbing session or before? Oh jeese, and now let’s talk about food. Protein for muscle-building. No, carbs for energy. No, both! Aahh! Well, you see how it can get very complicated very quickly.

So now, after gathering all the tribal knowledge we can from various people, websites, and our own experiences, we’ve come up with our own little regimen that we’ve been taking very seriously over the last few months. We’ve adjusted our attitudes and trained like we’ve never trained before.* To sum it up, our recipe is this: Serious training + a psyched attitude + a fun environment = hard sending. Right? Well, that’s the plan anyway. And now it’s time to see how all that training pays off. We’ve got Hueco reservations, baby! See ya’s at the boulders.

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*Going through pregnancy and watching one’s middle stretch out to the size of a watermelon can give one a motivation that is unprecedented!. 😉

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