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Happy Tanksgiving

Where oh where do I begin when it comes to all the things I’m thankful for? I’ll keep it simple: my loving family, my awesome friends, and great boulder problems, hehe. Happy Thanksgiving from Hueco Tanks!

Prepping for the big dinner

…which included special guests Linda and Ty who drove down from Colorado to join us for the weekend!

“Chef Linda” (as Silas lovingly refers to her as) sizzlin’ up some bacon for the brussel sprouts

Brian and Jen tag teaming the green beans and mashed potatoes

Ty preparing the butternut squash

Silas wanting to taste-test my homemade pumpkin pies

Oren entertaining Ivan

and Seb just lookin’ darn cute

and let’s not forget the turkey, gravy, bread, maple glazed beets, homemade cranberry sauce, and tasty red wine. Alright! Time to eat already!!

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