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Team V6

Yesterday was dubbed “the v6 day.” As soon as Brian announced that he was interested in getting on See Spot Run, v6 we decided that we all had to send one of the grade. After falling from the last move of See Sharp on Day 1, Jen was anxious to clean up. And I had always wanted to try Short Order Cook, having never been on it.

Well, Brian flashed See Spot Run. Jen walked See Sharp. So now it’s the end of the day, starting to get dark and the pressure’s on to hold up my end of the deal by sending Short Order Cook. And I did! Go team v6!

Sorry, no photos were snapped of Short Order Cook. But below are some other goodies of the cute kiddos to make up for it.

Brian committing to See Spot Run, v6

Jen atop See Sharp, v6 after (what looked like) an effortless send

Oren gettin’ wild

Construction zone – do not enter!

Linda and Ty looking almost as adorable as the kiddos

Twilight at the boulders

Sherpa Paul trying to stay sane on a climbing trip that he can’t climb on

Silas eating all the chocolate chips out of the trail mix again and Seb pretending not to notice so as not to get his buddy into trouble (my theory, anyway)

Rest day! Time to clean the children. Ivan digging his baths in the kitchen sink.

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