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Hueco Vacation

My apologies for the lack of webposts. We’ve been busy climbing! (Well, I’ve been climbing. Paul is still momentarily out of the game on account of his finger). We’re at Hueco right now for an extended stay…almost 2 weeks! And our Pittsburgh climbing buddies are here with us too! The first couple planned climbing days were postponed due to snow, ice and rain. But all is good now – warm in the sun, cold in the shade. Conditions don’t get any better than this. Here are a few highlights from the start of our trip:

An excellent kickoff to the trip – Brian and I send T-Bone Shuffle, v4 on our first day

Day 2, Brian ticks Uncut Yogi, v6

…and Jen finds her proj, Sex After Death, v8. After just a few tries she realizes this one has sending potential for this trip…exciting!!

A rare, quiet moment at the boulders with all the children

and Silas keeping warm under my project for the trip Better Eat Your Wheaties, v8…which I’m quite ecstatic to say FINALLY has sending potential! I’ve stuck the first move now a dozen or so times and have worked out some of the next moves. Time to start linking it together!!!!! Did I really just write that??!?!! Woohoo!!!!

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