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Planting a Garden

We planted a garden! Somewhat on a whim last Friday night Paul and I made up our minds to finally commit to an idea we’ve been tossing around for most of this year – a garden, a REAL garden with tasty yummies like carrots and kale and peas and lima beans and beets. Silas’ and my experimental herb garden this spring was a huge success…all except for the cilantro. We live in the southwest and the cilantro withers up on us?! Go figure. Anyway, aside from the cilantro we were quite pleased with the bitty thing and were anxious to go big. So go big we did and as of last night we have six 3’x3′ plots, planted, mulched and irrigated with bunny fence, gate, and even two compost pile stalls, just in time for the Tucson fall planting cycle. Soooo psyched! Now let’s just hope it grows…

We decided upon the site last Friday night, bought our seeds the next morning and got right to work. East-facing, filtered overhead sun (thanks to the mesquite tree), and easy access to our main water line. Perfect!

Water break for our tiniest helper

Bunny fence almost complete

Soil prepped and irrigation laid

Went to the feed store across the street and picked up a straw bale for mulch to retain moisture

Spreading the straw was Ivan’s favorite part

Seeds planted and herbs transplanted from the bitty herb garden. The planting, of both the seeds and the transplants, was Silas’ favorite part. He would lovingly talk to the herbs as we put them in the new plots: “Here you go boy, this is your new home. You’re really going to like it here. There you go boy, all tucked in with straw.”

Done! The compost stall was built later that night after this photo was taken. It’s now in the foreground of this photo.

My two biggest helpers…and eaters…now eagerly awaiting carrots, turnips, radishes, beets, fava beans, swiss chard, kale, hopi yellow lima beans, tarahumara peas, purple queen garlic, cimmaron romaine lettuce, arugula, buttercrunch lettuce, onions, garlic chives, parsley, dill and CILANTRO! Grow garden! Grow!

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