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Summer Days

Although it may be a full month until the actual first day of summer, life is obviously different here in Tucson. “Summer” is in full swing. Has been. And typically around this time of year we take a break from the hardcore training and climbing roadtrips and focus more on simply enjoying our home. This year is no different than most. We’ve already embarked upon some modest home improvement projects, including mine and Silas’ very first garden, which is doing quite well I must say!! We’re spicing up the van a bit with ‘luxury’ improvements such as more storage shelves, a stow-away table or two and an outdoor-accessible shower sprayer to hose off dirty little kiddos. I’m taking a shot at teaching Silas how to swim in our pool. We’ve mastered The Paloma (juice from 1/2 a grapefruit, 1 shot reposado tequila, 1 lime wedge and ice – to be drank in fancy hand blown glasses from Mexico, preferably in your swimsuit and shades, by the pool on a hot summer’s day). Paul and I have renewed our memberships to the local climbing gym (as the backyard woody bakes in the heat) and visit it a couple times a week…just to climb, not to train. And the stroller runs with the kids are getting earlier and earlier to beat the heat. Ahhh, summer in Tucson. It grows on a person.

Our garden! Ok, well it’s only a little bitty herb garden but there is a tomato plant we got from the CSA in there as well as a jalepeno pepper we planted for dad.

Silas and Paul doing home improvements. Here Paul is doing electrical work to fix the front yard lights that stopped working sometime in winter. While we had everything dug up, we decided to add some walkway lights. Now when you all come visit us you don’t have to worry about stepping out of your car onto a rattlesnake in the pitch-dark driveway!

Silas all decked out and ready to work. For some reason he insists on the construction vest, goggles and sometimes hardhat when we go on stroller runs too. I have a theory that it’s just in case we pass by workers fixing the road, electricity, cable, etc. You never know when someone’s going to need a 3 year old’s help with construction! Smart boy.

Another home improvement. After finding a king snake in the courtyard, Paul decided we needed a new gate with narrower slots.

Being home on weekends means trips to the St. Philip’s Farmer’s Market!! Mmmmmm.

A visit from Grandma and Pap Pap and a trip to the Desert Museum.

And a hike on Mt. Lemmon

We’ve had a few beautifully mild days here over the last month. The boys and I take advantage with a picnic lunch at Agua Caliente Park (aka “The Duck Park”)

Climbing in the summer for this family means either heading to the hills or heading to the gym.

Silas gaining elevation.

Being home on weekends also means spending more time at our fav Tucson hangouts. Dinner at Maynards. Nothing beats a table by the tracks with two kids that love trains.

And of course, Silas with his books. With the onset of the spring bloom we’ve begun diving into books about bees.

What’s summer without pool time?!

Like any kids I suppose, these boys would rather their lips turn purple and shiver with near-hypothermia than get out of the pool.

Our new grill!!!

…or more impressive, the box that the grill came in.

At one time this box was a fine house. Equipped with 3 windows, a door AND EVEN a chimney. However from the looks of it now it appears as though it’s been through a monsoon microburst. Do I quietly tear it down and put it in the recycle bin during naptime in hopes that they won’t notice it’s gone when they wake up? Or do I enlist their help in its disposal and risk tears?

Happy Summer, eh..errr..Spring, everyone!

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