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Ivan Turns 1

Somehow, my newborn has suddenly turned into a one year old right before my eyes!!! I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since my little Ivan made his worldly debut. I’m positive time moves even faster with baby number two. And Ivan himself isn’t helping matters. He wears 18 month clothing and has been walking for a couple weeks now. (Silas was “average size” at this age -has always been in the 50th percentile- and didn’t walk until a week after his first birthday). Like Silas, Ivan no longer wants to be cuddled and held anymore. He just wants to get down and go, go, go. We got a kiddy pool for his birthday and before Paul even had it filled Ivan was racing across the courtyard and practically dove right in head first. He even beat his brother to it! He’s so fast these days I find myself constantly in a rush to keep him out of trouble. He’s a magnet to all things dangerous. If I need a tissue from the bathroom I sneak over and open the door all quiet and stealth so he doesn’t notice where I’m headed. Then I race in, grab the tissue and race out, closing the door as fast as I can behind me. He can’t be fooled though. Somehow every SINGLE time the boy ends up all tangled at my feet fighting like mad to get in. Diapering is a constant adventure. “Let’s get this poopy diaper off you” really means “squirm away! Squirm awaaaaay!” in Ivan-speak. Good thing I’m a rock-climbing mama with muscles or I’d never be able to hold this kid down. Of course he has his softer side though that continually melts my heart. When I go into his room in the morning or after a nap and talk to him all soft and sweet as he’s waking up, he responds to me with his baby-talk in the EXACT SAME soft and sweet tone. We converse for a good 3-5 minutes in this manner. “Good morning Ivan, did you sleep well? It’s a beautiful day outside. Your big brother is waiting to play with you” And then him with his quiet goo-goos, dadas, and gurga’s that will someday turn into real words. Happy Birthday, my sweet baby boy.


…yet still putting everything in his mouth


Keeping up with big brother. Now we have two kitchen helpers.

…which sometimes gets dangerous

The stroller rides continue

…and to think I was complaining about how heavy they were to push LAST summer. Just look at these turkey thighs!

Good morning Ivan. Happy Birthday baby!

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