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Sabino Basin Run

My buddy John and I ticked off an AMAZING trail run yesterday that’s worthy of a webpost: Sabino Basin. Beginning at the Sabino Canyon visitor center we ran the classic Phoneline Trail up the canyon, continuing up to the West / East Fork junctions in Sabino Basin. Having run Phoneline a bunch (which is beautiful in and of itself), I can’t believe the scenery I was missing further up the canyon all those times. Incredible! Temps were cooler than usual Saturday so with a 6am start conditions couldn’t have been better. And with the trail cutting along the east side of the canyon we had shade for most of the journey. AND, at 13ish miles this was John’s longest trail run to-date! Excellent trail, excellent run. Wooo!

Cranking up the start of the Phoneline Trail

Approaching Sabino Basin

The Basin

A commanding view from the Basin up the West and East Forks

A babbling brook – how’s this for a reward at the turn-around point?!

Awesomely beautiful seed pod

John on the return down Phoneline Trail

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