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Silas has an idea while we’re packing for Hueco

Silas: “Mama, we go to Hueco Tanks Tate Park. We put baby Isan in his nosuit, and he jus eats dirt. Isan ohways eats dirt. Isan ohways eats dirt at Hueco Tanks Tate Park.”

(He’s right. We’ve had plenty more of these episodes lately with Ivan – no hands dirt-eating).

Silas continues: “Mama, I has an ideeea. We need to bring sumpin to put on Isan’s mouth so he doesn’t eat dirt.”

Mama: “Yeah? Like what?”

Silas: “Mama, we need some tape.”

Mama: “Huh. Dad, you listening to this?”

Silas: “Yeah. And when he wants to eat, we jus take the tape offs and put some food in. Dats what we do.”

Mama: “Huh.”

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