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No Climbing Weekend

Finally we decided that it was time to take a little break from Hueco and hang out at home in Tucson. We spent the weekend relaxing at home. Relaxing for us means non-stop stuff going on from the moment we wake up to the point at which we can’t keep our eyes open in the night. Friday night we climbed on our woody, Saturday we worked on the house and spent the evening out with our friend Gina. She recommended a really classy, super cool hangout called 58 Degrees and Holding. Today we finished up some projects (secret projects because my parents are coming in a few weeks) and are spending the evening really relaxing. I have to go…the hot tub is probably just right.

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3 Responses to “No Climbing Weekend”

  1. grit Says:

    did i see brats on the grill?! no stuffed eggplants?! i guess you returned to your old habits 😉

  2. Paul Says:

    No no, we haven’t returned to old habits. It’s Courtney’s fault. He bought them and left them in our refrigerator. Since I managed to fully run (not walk) a trail he showed me in Sabino Canyon I had to celebrate. I also had to replenish the fat I burned off.

  3. April Says:

    Those brats have been sitting in our freezer since you were here Grit! We were out of food and ate them as a last resort. Plus Paul wanted to pay tribute to Courtney after his crazy run. To keep it healthy – we ate brussel sprouts with them!! 🙂

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