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Two Days With Nate

Or did I mean “Two Days With Gene?” No no (that’s a boulder problem name)…I’ve got Hueco on my mind again why? Because we went back again! Yeah. We took a little vacation and went to Hueco mid-week on Tuesday and Wednesday! Our good friend Nate who we met climbing at Hueco last year mentioned that he was coming to Tucson for a “conference.” Any climber knows that when you go to a conference for work or whatever you have to figure out the closest climbing destination and plan accordingly. Of course Nate did and his two good friends Matt and Justin joined him for a few days at Hueco Tanks. We had a great two days bouldering on N. Mt. and going on a tour out to E. Spur. Nate and the guys had a nice 4 day stretch of climbing before they were totally burned out and returned with us to Tucson for the conference. I won’t report on any of the highlights yet because we are leaving for Hueco again tonight and I’ve gotta get ready. So, we’ll catch up on the posts when we return next week and detail the excitement soon. It’s gonna be nuts!

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