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Fairwell To Grit

AKA “The Coolest Girl We’ve Ever Met”

Normally I’m psyched to detail the weekend events and list the highlights of all the amazing things we got to see and do but unfortunately we had to end last weekend with a sad goodbye. Grit, our new friend from Germany is heading home very soon and our trip to Joshua Tree California was the last weekend adventure April and I got to enjoy with her. We had a great couple of days in J-Tree, visiting with friends, climbing routes, bouldering and hanging out.

I remember driving out of J-Tree after saying goodbye, looking in the rear view mirror seeing Grit walk away with her crashpad. How sad…actually…it wasn’t long until we started talking about ideas for a trip to Europe and plans to visit with her again. We’ll just have to make Grit jealous and show how much fun we’re having at Hueco by posting pics and trip reports so she decides to move back to the U.S. ha ha. WE’LL MISS YOU GRIT!

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