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Interpretive Fair

Quick Weekend Summary:

We signed up to volunteer at the Annual Hueco Tanks Interpretive Fair. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Luckily the weather was pretty nasty on Saturday morning so we didn’t feel too bad about not climbing (Sat morning). The Interpretive Fair is an event in which anyone from the public is allowed to enter Hueco Tanks (without reservations) and participate in the weekend festivities. There are many cultural exibits and booths to explore which give a great insight to the parks history. We were assigned to park cars throughout the morning and into the afternoon. When we were relieved by another set of volunteers the sun came out and the sky cleared up! By that time we were all psyched to go and to our advantage the park was open until 8:00PM. So, we were off to work projects and eventually we took a lantern down to the Martini Roof for some evening bouldering.

On Sunday we spent the entire day on N. Mt. doing tons of problems. No major sends to report of (except I finally did “Speedbump” V7) but there are some BIG potential sends on the horizion. Hopefully April, Grit, Vince, Tammy and I will come through by the end of the year and tick some SICK lines. Don’t worry, our video camera is fixed and we’re fliming for our next movie.

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