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Anniversary Hike

For our 1 year wedding anniversary we decided to start a new tradition that we will now refer to as, The Anniversary Hike. This first annual anniversary hike took us to Yosemite National Park. Following is a brief summary and 1, 2, 3, sets of photos, from the amazing things we saw and did on our trip.

Thursday September 29th:
Flew from Tucson to San Francisco via Las Vegas. Won $23.00 on the airport 25 cent slot machines. Spent $23.00+ on airport food. Arrived in San Francisco at about 1:30AM.

Friday September 30th:
Drove into downtown San Francisco and walked along the Embarcadero from the Bay Bridge to Pier 39 (San Fran. Bay waterfront). Highlight was the Sea Lions. Drove out of downtown San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge to highway 1. Visited Muir Woods (giant redwood forest). As the sun started to set we drove from Muir Woods to Muir Beach so April could see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was just like the movies: the sun was setting, the waves were crashing, we were walking hand in hand, barefoot, and all of a sudden as we climbed up on some boulders to get a better view of the ocean April says, “Dude, this beach reeks!…Oh God, it’s a dead rotting Sea Lion.” We quickly did a 180 and continued our love stroll the other way. After the sun set we started our drive to Yosemite National Park. Stopped for some “Chillin’ at da Holiday Innnnnnnn.”

Saturday October 1st:
Woke up late and arrived in Yosemite Valley at about 1PM. Threw on our hiking shoes and grabbed our packs. Paul says, “Let’s do Glacier Point, I think it’s only 4.7 miles one way.” As we started out, the first trail marker showed the distance to Glacier Point as 8.2 miles. Hmmm? Must be that means 8.2 miles for the round trip, right? No……we were going to Glacier Point via the Panoramic Trail, not the Four Mile Trail. Paul then says, “Ok, let’s do a little math. At a a speed of 2.0 mph (pushing it, with a 3200 ft elevation gain) we could potentially knock off this 16.4 mile hike in about 8 hours putting us only 2 hours in the dark (with headlamps). April says, “Do-able, lets go.” The hike was amazing, the views were spectacular, the temperature was perfect. The hike takes you past Nevada and Vernal Falls, and a hidden, several hundred foot waterfall that neither of us had seen before. You get views of Half Dome first from the back side, then the side profile, and then right at the end you see the front side. At a brisk pace we were back at the car by 8:15PM, just in time to get wine and pizza (thanks to our 3 miles of trail running, heh heh).

Sunday October 2nd (Anniversary Day):
Woke up semi-late, with plans of a nice breakfast, leisurely stroll through the village and a short hike. As we lay in bed we get the map out and start looking at options. April says,”Whoa, there’s a trail to the top of North Dome!” Paul says, “Let’s do the math.” Next thing we know we are on our way up Yosemite Falls trail heading to North Dome…another 16 mile day…we’ll save the nice breakfast for tomorrow. 🙂 Again, the trail is amazing, the views are spectacular and the crisp fall weather is perfect. We make our way to the summit of what we think is North Dome (turns out North Dome is the next bump over, probably a half hour more). Hauled the wedding cake up with us and ate it with front row seats looking straight on at Half Dome.

On the way back we stop at the Yosemite Falls junction and decide to hike out towards a generic sign that said, “Overlook.” We get to the cliff’s edge and notice stairs heading down to the top of the waterfall. Yikes this is a little risky for “hikers.” The steps continue down and down until we get to a point where a handrail leads around a corner. The handrail ends above the 2000 ft. void, yet for the brave soul who ventures to the end of the handrail (April), another handrail continues around the next corner with stairs for your feet no wider than 6 inches. “I can’t believe this is a ‘hiking’ trail!” The exposed staircase leads us to an amazing observation deck. As if that little adventure didn’t top the hike, later we had to deviate from the trail to avoid a bear and right before dark we saw a burning red sunset cast on the rock walls of Yosemite Valley. We were back at the car by 7:00PM and enjoyed a fancy dinner at the Mountain Room restaurant all slimy and grungy. This Anniversary Hike will be hard to beat.

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3 Responses to “Anniversary Hike”

  1. Cara Says:

    Ooooo, sounds like a perfect anniversary trip 🙂 haha, i like the rotting sea lion part…didn’t even see that one coming 🙂 You’re pictures rock! miss ya and see you soon! Cara 🙂

  2. DADDY Says:

    You could send this one to Backpacker and I guaranteed it would be printed…what a great way the celebrate your 1 year anniversary. The 2nd this year in NY was sunny and warm but the leaves had not changed at all. Even now they are just starting. Get the snowboards out..winter will be here soon

  3. April Says:

    Yes, we really lucked out with picking a 2004 wedding in NY. In 2003 on Oct 2nd it was sleeting all day, and in 2005 on Oct 2nd there were no fall leaves yet. How lucky are we! 🙂

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