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What the?!

So I was convinced that the next time I posted here would be my news of finally sending a v9. And that wasn’t me being hopeful or naive or tough. No, it was real. I was there, physically. Ready to crank it out and call it done. Just needed to get on the climb and send it. And then…well, the world knows the rest of that story. It’s everyone’s story now.

And I’m over it…the v9, that is.

We are so fortunate right now. Paul and I still have jobs. We still get paychecks. We have a sweet climbing wall in a sweet garage with every training apparatus we could ever want. We don’t panic at the thought of social isolation because it’s kinda how we roll anyway. We have food. We have TP (for now anyway). Everything is just about as good as it could be during this COVID-19 situation. Sure, I have my gripes and there are challenges. But it’s really not that bad, comparatively. Not at this current moment in time.

Hoping that everyone that reads this can also say the same.

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