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Triple Digit Meltdown

Well, no exciting climbing news to report this weekend…well, other than the fact that Paul and I almost got fried like eggs in a frying pan on the 100+ degree Hueco rock on Sat and Sun.

Yes, it was hot. VERY HOT. EXTREMELY HOT. Now, we usually like to act like we’re all tough and hardcore and stuff – and climb regardless of “conditions.” But, I gotta say, triple digit temp conditions kinda put a damper on things….just a little…ok, a lot. We’ve both been devoting all time and energy to two particular boulder problems: Theatre of the Absurd (v10) for Paul, and Baby Martini (v6) for me. We’ve been training, eating good and healthy, getting lots of sleep, and getting fricken psyched UP. But needless to say, you can be as psyched as a chocolate lab finding a new pile of shit to roll in and still get completely shut down when the thermometer is reading HOT. Oh well. Maybe it’ll snow next weekend………cause we’re going back to try again. 😉

So what do you do when it’s too hot to climb? Go and play mini golf.

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