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PTA in Phoenix


During a Pittsburgh coop bouldering session our good friend Jr came up with what he called, “PTA Training.” It is something that I always think about when I’m working out. I just finished a run this evening and as I type this entry I’m soaked in sweat. Yuck. I always find that the last few hundred feet of a run are so hard. My mind wanders and I fight the thoughts about wanting to stop. Today, during the last few steps of my run the words PAIN, TORTURE and AGONY ran through my mind and I cranked up the pace to finish knowing Jr would be proud.

And proud Jr would have been knowing that April, Vince and I hopped in the car early yesterday morning and drove 2 hrs. to Phoenix to…climb in a gym. AHHHHH! A gym? Yeah. It’s not just a gym. AZ on the Rocks is RAD. We specifically went because we only had a day to train and we wanted to take advantage of their awesome bouldering wall. They have some really cool features including a nice overhanging cave and some highball steep, creative problems. We put in a non-stop 4 hour session, bouldering most of the time and then switched over to climb some routes before we left. Check out a couple pictures we took of the place. It’s hard to get a feel for how much fun you can have from looking at the pictures but take my word for it, it’s FUN!

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