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End of Season

What do you do when it’s your last Hueco weekend, your car breaks down, and your manager calls and says you have to work?…

Personally, I didn’t care at all. I’ve pulled off some sends over the last several months that I’ve been really proud of. April on the other hand, was extremely close to ticking her first V8 this season, until the ultra-classic Mushroom Roof was closed. She worked all the moves and made excellent links on Left Martini V10, worked out and started sending gos of Bloody Flapper Traverse V9, fell on the last move several times, on King Cobra (a burly V6) and there were countless other problems where I noticed her make a tremendous amount of progress. For a good bit of the season I was jealous because I could see her progression and wondered if mine was as obvious. Or if I was progressing. But perhaps that jealously fueled my motivation to achieve new levels. Overall we certainly can’t complain. The last several months at Hueco contained weekends spent with great friends, good food, fun times and plans to climb yet again in places far.

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