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Birthday Bouldering

A good gift is something that you would like to receive yourself. When I asked April what she really wanted for her birthday she said, “I want to go bouldering!” I quickly replied, “Simple, you got it (as I thought to myself…this is going to be a nice treat for myself too).

Yesterday, April and I left work early, threw the crashpads in the car and drove 5 minutes down the road to a boulder we’ve never even touched (how dare us, I know). We had a nice evening session trying out the classic “Hairpin Roof,” v6 and other variations on the boulder. As an added birthday treat April managed to quickly send the classic v6 version. Check it out…

April contemplating the moves on Hairpin Roof

April pulling the moves on Hairpin Roof

April celebrating like a cactus on top of Hairpin Roof

A cactus at home that bloomed for April’s birthday

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