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Support Crew

As Linda nears closer to her big 50k, our mileage increases steadily to keep up! This weekend Linda completed a run that Paul and I, and Linda too, have talked about wanting to do for years. Literally, years. The Tanque Verde Ridge run in the Rincon Mountains is a stone’s throw southeast from our home. This one-way 20 miler starts at the end of Speedway Blvd (at 2750 feet), runs all the way up my beloved Douglas Springs Trail past the Douglas Springs Campground (at 6.1 miles and 4800 feet) to Cowhead Saddle (at 8.5 miles and 6100 feet), up to Tanque Verde Peak (at 7049 feet) and then aaaaall the way down the ridge to the Tanque Verde Ridge Trailhead in Saquaro East National Park (back at city level). Oh, and if you want to turn it into a marathon you just tack on the Cactus Forest Trail and run it back to Speedway and make a loop of it. The real reason we’ve never done it is because the start/finish are at a low enough elevation to make it a better winter run than summer (and we all know what and where Paul and I are typically spending our energy on during the winter months…you got it, Hueco!). Linda got her chance though, lucky gal. Thanks to tropical storm Ivo Tucson got some clouds and cooler temps over the weekend. And Linda went for it! And succeeded! Wooo!

We were her support crew for the effort. I ran the first 6.1 miles with her to Douglas Springs Campground, carrying an extra 2 liters of water (in addition to my 2 liters!). Paul ran a couple miles up the end of the ridge to join her on the descent. And Silas and Ivan helped set up a quaint aid station at the Saguaro East parking lot, looking their darned cutest to greet her return. A stellar time was had by all!

Although I will admit – I was quite bummed on my solo 6.1 mile return to the car after seeing Linda off at the Douglas Springs Campground. I was bummed I wasn’t fit enough to join her up and over the ridge. At this rate though, I’ll be plenty fit come November. Just in time for the Hueco season to start! Ahhhh, the vicious yet lovely cycle. I love the desert. 🙂

Ready to rock

And there she goes

Me trying like hell to keep up

Fellow trail user

Low elevation beauty

Trees. Gaining elevation

Linda and I at my turn-around point, the Douglas Springs Campground – which is nothing more than a rundown outhouse, a couple old bear bins and a few posts in the ground designating the campsites.

Only 13.9 to go Linda!

Fuel up girl. I didn’t haul that extra 2 liters up her for nothin.’ 😉

A view of Tucson and the Catalina Mountains on my lonely descent

Silas and Ivan’s aid station. They kept wanting to eat all the pretzels!

A tortoise dropping by for a snack

No pretzels for you Mr. Tortoise. Enjoy a tasty leaf instead.

The finish! She made it…woo! Nice work girl.

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