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Running Again

Linda and I bagged Mt. Guthrie last weekend. A nice little run. Nothing big or epic, just a modest 6 miles roundtrip from the Lower Green Mountain Trailhead. Nothing at all compared to the 9 mountain miles my legs just ran this morning, the heinous 7 Butterfly Trail miles Paul’s legs ran, and the 17.8 miles Linda ran!!!!! Yes, you read that right. Linda is training for the Water is Life 50k. We’re not. But what’s convenient about this situation is that Paul and I can tag team Linda’s training runs and do kid trade-off! It’s a beautiful thing, really. We gotta get Linda to sign up for more of these ultra’s, hehe.

This morning’s run began with Linda and Paul running the Butterfly Trail one-way from Mt. Bigelow. From either end the trail plunges down, WAAAAY down in elevation. And then you have to climb back up, WAAAAY up. Each of us had dabbled a bit on both ends at one time or another, but only traveling a mile or two down-trail. None of us had ever tried to run the whole thing…probably just because of the logistics of it being a one-way endeavor.

Overgrown, hot, steep, hard and so-not-fun was their account this morning when the kids and I met them at the finish. Guess that wasn’t a good game plan after all. I suppose there’s a reason why you never hear of anyone running the Butterfly Trail, haha. (Note: On the drive back down the mountain however, Paul admitted that he actually kinda enjoyed it a little and would run it again. 🙂

From their finish at the Butterfly Trailhead it was kid and runner trade-off time. I handed the boys over to Paul, tied my shoes on and continued with Linda on our “Mt. Lemmon Classic” loop. This is a loop we’ve all done many times, thanks to our good buddy Courtney for taking us on it for the first time. We usually park at the Butterfly Trailhead (cause it has a better vibe, as Courtney says…and he’s right), then cross the road to the Sunset Trailhead and start there. Thanks to our genius plan we were already in position. Linda and I ran Sunset Trail down to Marshall’s Gulch, then on a whim decided to add some extra mileage and took Aspen Trail (we usually take Marshall’s Gulch Trail) up to the junction. From there we continued on Aspen up to the summit of Mt. Lemmon, then down the backside via the Aspen Draw trail, over to Summerhaven, through town and down the pavement back to Marshall’s Gulch. I met Paul and the kids at the Gulch and called it quits and Linda continued on, taking the Sunset Trail back to where her and I started (and her and Paul finished earlier that morning). Whew!

Meanwhile, Hueco training is underway. We did some work on our rings yesterday (pushups, tuck levers, L-sits, jackknifes, etc). I think every single muscle in my body is sore right now. Including my butt cheeks. What the?

Linda approaching the Guthrie Summit on last weekend’s run

Running buddies

Ok, so the Guthrie summit isn’t quite as amazing as I’m making it out to be. It’s more like a ridge, or a bump maybe, just one of the many in the Catalina Mountains

But the view is pretty sweet

We’ll soon be calling her our ultra-running buddy

Silas and Ivan at the top of the Butterfly Trail this morning anticipating dad & Linda’s sweaty arrival

Linda kicking my butt on the Aspen Trail (ahead in blue). Ok, so she kicked my butt on the whole run but I’m not training for a 50k so that’s my excuse. 😛

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