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Quick Update

I know we’ve been slacking when it comes to updating our site but don’t think April and I are sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer everyday. That’s just every other day because we are getting in tip top shape for the Imogene run coming up in 22 days 23 hours and 53 minutes(at the time of this entry).

WAIT! Actually, I’m not. On August 5th I tore my MCL, climbing! You can read up on what the MCL is but it made a similar noise when tearing, as my finger did back in December. Luckily the tear is minor (can you believe that from the clearly audible sound it made when ripping?). Minor? What does that really mean. Well, last week I couldn’t make right turns when walking because the pain was pretty intense. As long as I go straight it’s all good and as long as I make left turns I’m cool. If I want to go right I’ll just make a 270 degree turn to the left. Overall, I can tell it’s getting better.

22 days 23 hours and 51 minutes: That’s how long I have to recover and blast out the Imogene race…

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