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Rain Update

I should apologize for not providing an update because several people thought we had washed away from the rain last Monday. I’d have to say we were pretty nervous throughout the day that we would get flooded but luckily the rain had stopped in the late morning.. After the rain had stopped the water level in the wash kept rising but finally reached its maximum level right below the last barrier wall. If the water went over that wall we would have been in trouble because our house is the lowest among the homes in our area. It’s crazy living in the desert. I always wondered why I had to pay for flood insurance. Now I know.

Now…it’s almost time for the weekend. Time to forget about the rain and get focused on some serious PTA (Pain Torture Agony) training! We’ve got some projects to send and a BIG, BIG trail run planned. Hopefully, on Sunday night we’ll be celebrating some big successes…

By the way…almost 1 month to go: IMOGENE!!!!

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