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Coasting on Fumes

The Hueco weekend rampages are still in progress and I feel as though we’re coasting on fumes. I had negative progress on the Bloody Flapper Traverse, v9 and was feeling beat, Paul has this interesting bubble starting to form on his ring finger and the van even pooped out on us and had a flat on the way there last weekend. We’re still managing to squeak out some good sends though so we’re not tossing in the towel just yet. Paul ticked off Whispers of Mortality, v10 in a session and had great progress on Nagual, v13. I repeated Baby Martini, v6 and Girls of Texas, v5 for warm-up and was able to do Sex After Death, v8 in two parts while feeling pretty tired. I’m hoping a week of rest will cure my Bloody Flapper blues as well as secure a send of Sex After Death. Stay tuned! Until then, we’re all gearing up for easter egg-coloring and birthday cake eating!!! Woo!

Silas getting bored at the Bloody Flapper Boulder wondering if Mama is ever going to send

You said “last try” like 4 go’s ago. Can we go now?

Back at camp and equipped with plenty of pads for Nagual

Parents need a break. Time for the playpen.

Silas at work with his construction while Franklin the turtle plays Foreman

Caught red-handed with two rocks destined for the mouth

Caught or not, he doesn’t ever seem to care

Ivan is TOTALLY into making motor sounds now while pushing around Silas’ cars and construction equipment. I kid you not. It’s very cute.

About to pick up a very, very large rock

And succeed he did (the boy has an iron grip!). It got taken away so he wouldn’t break a toe, or leg for that matter.

Paul on Whispers of Mortality, v10

Dan doing the “rose” move on Whispers of Mortality

The highball headwall of Whispers of Mortality

Silas feeding his little brother some snacks

Since we’ve got all the pads, why not give The Hand, v10 a try!

Dan about to crash down from The Hand into the pad pit

Ivan giving me the mischievous eye

What the heck?! Silas too?!!! 😉

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