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Salut from France

finally made it to a internet cafe
the keyboards are so different. ill list the highlights

first of all everything is great
the weather was awesome for the entire 1st week.
we are living in french luxury in a beautiful rural gite in the country with grit from Germany and her boyfriend manu.
the large city near us is étampes.

everyone speaks french. thanks to grit we made our way through some crazy situations.
we ran into so many people we know from the US climbing scene. we are learning french at a very fast, forced rate. it is awesome.

climing is amazing. each day we go to a new area that is as big as some areas at hueco.
the climbing is very different though. very technical. the turtle shell slopers are RAD!

the wine and bakeries are a part of our daily routine.

went to paris yesterday by metro.
will go back to go inside the louvre.

today we went in the castle of fontainebleau.
today it is raining and we are taking advantage of rest time

hopefully tomorrow it will clear and we can try another ton of new problems that are some of the best in the world.

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  1. jd Says:

    Sounds like a great time! Thanks for the update. Technical climbing?? Does that mean you have to use your feet? 🙂

    If so, I’ll have to avoid the area so as not to embarass our whole country. Can’t wait for the pics and video. SEND!!

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