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April’s New Crashpad!!!!!!!

Organic is the name. Custom, handmade crashpads is their game.

Ok everyone. No more picking on my old, beaten to a pulp, millimeter thin crashpad (aka “The Napkin”) anymore. Yes, it’s true. Tis a sad day indeed because I am officially….retiring…..The Napkin. Oh yes, you heard me correctly,….retirement. The Napkin will now enjoy a slow-paced, peaceful, relatively calm and quiet existence out in the backyard under the woody with the other old and frail pads. The Napkin will soon realize that it’s youthful energy-filled days have come to a close. It is time for The Napkin to pace itself, take it slow, relax, enjoy the scenery. Sure, every once in a while a little pizzazz may find its way out back to the woody and The Napkin may just happen to be in the right spot at the right time and will relish those glorious, youthful moments when a climber will rip off the woody, unexpectedly, uncontrollably, flaaaailing and come crashing down upon The Napkin’s flattened, flaky cells of it’s old and withered foam. Ahhh, those will be the days that will get The Napkin up and out of bed in the morning. Those will be the days to cherish.

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5 Responses to “April’s New Crashpad!!!!!!!”

  1. Paul Says:

    I just re-read April’s entry and I thought I was crazy when it comes to climbing talk. She gave her crashpad a personality! She’s the crazy one.

  2. April Says:

    Hey now. A crashpad can be a climber’s most reliable and trustworthy friend!….when you think of it’s purpose in life.

  3. Cara Says:

    I just have to say, April, that was a very nice eulogy, although, the crash pad has not passed on yet, or has it…to that place….in the back yard 🙂 I never met The Napkin, but I felt as though I have, and it brought tears to my eyes :*( sniff sniff…

  4. Karin Says:

    Hey April-

    Do you have a URL for the pad site…? They are really nice and I would like to look into getting one!

    Karin (who is still stuck in PA!)

  5. Paul Says:

    Just click on the hyperlink in the description right under the title in the text “Organic is the name…”

    Or use this: http://www.organicclimbing.com

    You’ll probably have to email them but they were very quick to respond. April picked the colors out and they threw in the artistic touch! It came out perfect and it is just the right size for April. Enjoy!

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