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Family Adventures

This year’s Christmas and New Years was spent with April’s family and friends in Marathon, NY.

Click on the picture to see the photos

We couldn’t have asked for a better trip:

* Watching Joel, Holly and KT show off their stuff snowboarding on the backyard rail and jump

* Snowboarding at Greek Peak with the fam

* More snowboarding at Greek Peak

* More snowboarding at Greek Peak with Paul’s new snowpants

* More snowboarding at Greek Peak with Paul’s new snowboard boots

* And also, more snowboarding

* Spending time with baby Carley (our neice)

* Meeting awesome new friends, Dale and Tans here visiting from New Zealand (COME VISIT US IN AZ!)

* Chillin’with April’s lifelong friend Jenna, meeting Kate, and laughing out asses off to the point of tears in Applebees all night (our apologies to all those within earshot…yeah, we were kinda loud)(COME VISIT US IN AZ!)

* Firewood stacking – good & wholesome backwoods hard work. Awe yeah

* Crackling woodfire in the stove

* Snowy, icy country roads

* Sledding down the driveway

* The smell of a REAL Christmas tree in the house and a homemade blueberry pie in the oven

* Biscuits and gravy

* Pumpkin soup

* Winter walks in the snow

* And best of all, a house packed full of dear family and friends on Christmas day: Mom, Dad, Michelle, Tom, Carley, Joel, Holly, Joe, KT, Peggy, Sonny, Dale, Tans and the 5 dogs, Copper, Dixie, Layla, Hazel and Achilles. It’s times like these that really make us miss the east and our awesome families.

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