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Pittsburgh visits Hueco

Another Hueco weekend for us. This time, with our dear friends from Pittsburgh, Jason and Kathy and their friend Stuart. Needless to say, a great weekend was had by all. Some notable sends:

Fri, North Mtn:
Unnamed Slopey (v4) – Jason
Nobody Here Gets out Alive (v2) – Kathy

Sat, East Mtn:
Tri Hard (v4) – Paul
Ostracizer (v2) – Jason & Stuart
The Ventral Fin (v5) – Paul

Sun, North Mtn:
Everybody Wins (v3) – Kathy [First v3 for Kathy!!! WOOHOO!!]
Lobster Claws (v5) – Jason
Lithologic (v4) – April
Right El Sherman (v2) – Paul & Jason
Local Flakes (v2) – Jason & Stuart

Extremely Close Sends (one or two moves from sending!!!):
Mexican Chicken (v6) – April
Fern Roof (v10) – Paul
Brutus (v5) – April
Crimping Christ on the Cross (v10) – Paul
Dragonfly (v5) – Jason, Stuart & April
Big Nose Milley (v9/10) – Paul

Once again Jason, looks like you’ve got some unfinshed Hueco business still. Start planning for your spring trip back. 🙂

Click on the picture to play the video

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  1. daschbachs Says:


    I can’t get the picture!! I downloaded it and I got sound but I can’t see anything. I went to the quicken website and downloaded version 7.0 but when I check our player it still says version 6.5. I’m out of ideas. Help me Vollmer!

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