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The Christmas Twine

Reason #11… why my kids are making me a better runner:

Because sometimes random things drop out of the stroller that need a go-back for retrieval. Toys, books, shoes, articles of clothing. Today it was a piece of twine. And not just any twine. It was about a 1 foot segment of the twine that held the Christmas tree to the top of our car on the way home from the tree lot. A neglected piece that didn’t make it to the trash can that was picked up by small hands and pocketed. A very special piece of twine. Perhaps a magical piece even. This time, Silas didn’t notice that he dropped it right away. He wasn’t sure when he dropped it. He just started yelling “Stop mama! STOP!!!! Go back. GO BACK! It’s back there. Waaaaay back there!” I doubled back a little. No twine. I went a little further. No twine. I asked him when he had it last. “Way back. Waaaaay back!” I wasn’t far into the run and selfishly just wanted to get moving so I tried convincing him that we would stop and look for it on our return (since we were doing an out-and-back). He started crying. I got annoyed and repeated my promise to find it later. He cried harder. The real cry, not the fake cry that we sometimes get when he wants his way. I can tell the difference. This was a sad sobber. Afterall, it was the special twine. The Christmas tree twine. Seriously mama. I went back further. Further, further, further until we were basically almost back to the house. Still no twine. “The wind must have blown it away, Silas.” Surprisingly this sat ok with him. I guess he’s realist, like his parents. There was simply no explanation other than the wind and now there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s gone. We turned back around to basically re-start our run (after 1 mile of backtracking) and he sat quietly.

Then….low and behold….we get almost to the exact spot where we had turned around in the first place and there, on the side of the trail, was the little piece of twine. Just sitting there, wiggling a bit with the wind, and definitely looking very lost and lonely. Silas went nuts, hugging his little lost treasure.

We continue our run and all is well, although I notice that Silas isn’t his normal chatterbox-self. I figure he’s still having his moment with his lost twine.

Then, finally, after about 10 minutes Silas says:

“Thanks mama. You were very helpful to me.”

My heart melts.

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