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See Ya Later Grass

The past two weekends we’ve spent more time at home than out climbing – trying to play ‘catch up’ on the domestic portion of our lives – which, believe it or not, can actually be fun if you don’t do it that often! 🙂 We’ve undertaken some major yardwork tasks. The front yard had all kinds of irrigation running every which way….and leaking every which way as well. Leaking so bad, in fact, that we had actual GRASS growing in the front yard. Ahhh! Grass in the desert! What is this – Phoenix??!! (hehe, sorry). Anyway, the grass had to go and the irrigation had to be re-done. So that’s exactly what I did. I re-landscaped this one portion of the front yard, proudly simplifying the irrigation and replacing the grass and weeds with desert native bushes and flowers that need *very* minimal, if any, water. Click on the pic and see the ‘before’ and ‘after’.

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  1. DADDY Says:

    Sure looks great!!! So were is that snake going to slither around since you removed its home?

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