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Cobble Pullin’ at Maple

Everyday we (April, I, Vince, Tammy, Marcus, Morgan, and Senga) rush. We are always in a hurry and have a million things to do. Now, it’s time to put things in slow motion because we are on vacation! On Thursday night we left Tucson, well after loading up on coffee and driving back across town to get our iPod, which we forgot. Eventually we were off, heading through Phoenix, loading up on more coffee and reaching our first nights destination of Priest’s Draw (near Flagstaff). We set up camp around 1:30AM. I was way too wired on coffee so I stayed up trying to take some pictures of the star filled sky. It was incredible. I think I captured some good pictures for just having our little digital with us. We’ll post them all when we return.

Friday was spent driving all day. We stopped at the Sunset Crater National Monument outside of Flagstaff and walked through a pretty unique lava flow. After about an hour we got back on the road. We made stops all along the Arizona, Utah border. The scenery along the entire drive (89) was beautiful. The sky was mostly hazy due to fires in AZ and Utah but made for interesting photos. Our estimate of getting to Maple by about 5PM was way off. Our actual arrival time was like 11PM. All the sites were filled so we set up in a clearing knowing that we’d probably get yelled at in the morning. “Who cares, it’s 4th of July weekend,” we justified.

On Saturday when we woke a couple of park hosts yelled at us and mentioned we couldn’t camp where we were camping. No big deal because we found a free camping site up the road and let them know our plan. ha ha. The whole ordeal only cost us about 6 bucks. Oh well, we didn’t care. After a few hours we were off to the climbs…

We’ll have to compose a huge summary of the climbing but in short Maple Canyon is super fun and very different than any other place in the country. We spent two days so far getting used to the climbing but we are already on fire, sending and ticking off tons of climbs. My finger is feeling good (knock on wood) after ticking 22 routes in two days. Ha ha. I can’t resist. Everyone else has huge numbers of climbs beneath their belts too. Of the 5 of us (humans) we have a nice rotation between who belays and who climbs.

Notable sends to date are Marcus ticking off his second 5.11 at the Pipeline and Paul’s send of this 5.12c also at the Pipeline (sorry, no names on these yet…I guess they’ve been recently bolted). Notable whips to date is Tammy’s air on the Lost Letter (5.11b) at the Maple Corridor….during which she ripped a gaping hole in the ass of her pants….ha!

Today is a rest day. We’re in Salt Lake right now – getting our coffee fix at Starbucks. We’re planning on heading up to see the ski slopes and checking out some of the surrounding canyons. Then tomorrow – back to business. Awwwe yeah.

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  1. rv Says:

    We’re looking forward to the Maple pics. Have you been to the School House. Morgan and Senga could do a few of the climbs there.


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