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Pancakes out of Acorns

Oh our Silas and his highly involved and industrious ideas. Today, it’s making pancakes out of acorns. According to Silas, first you collect a bunch of acorns that have fallen to the ground, then you sort out the cracked and worm-holed ones so you’re left with only the good ones, then you roast them over the fire until they crack, then you peel the shells off so you’re left with the inner white part, then you grind the white part into flour, and then finally you mix up some pancake batter with the flour and cook up a pancake. I tell him I will look back on this and remember it always, but only one of two ways:

Remember that time you wanted to make pancakes out of acorns?


Wow! Those were really good pancakes!

He rolled his eyes at me and continued with his sorting.

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