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Jack’s Canyon

Yep, we finally made it to Jack’s Canyon, finally! Miles, Matt, April and I loaded up the car after work on Friday and headed out.

We made a quick stop in Phoenix to pick up a new (nice and thick) thread. I decided to go with a more expensive than usual 10.5mm, 60m, non-dry rope. We picked it up from REI on our way, with our GIFT CERTIFICATE.


After picking up the rope we met up with some of Mile’s friends at a Thai place near Scottsdale, AZ. It was really awesome. April and I have been in search of a place that serves some Pad Thai that gives Spice Island Tea House (our favorite Pittsburgh Thai resturant) some competition. This definately does. It was very good. Of course I forgot the name…someone post it in a comment.

After the Thai place we were back on the road. Wait, after a quick coffee break at Starbucks we were back on the road. The road to Jack’s from Phoenix was very uninteresting at night except for THE ELK! Geeze. Every couple of miles I had to slam on my breaks to avoid scaring huge elk that were right on the side of the road. Around 1:30AM we managed to find the dirt road that leads in to Jack’s Canyon. We set up camp and quickly went to bed.

Saturday and Sunday were spent enjoying the cool temps in the shade and the super fun climbs. We all had a really fun time. I sat out both days due to a tweaked middle finger. No biggie. Talking with Matt, April and Miles was great. Plus, little Morgie and I played all kinds of games. Check out our pictures. Notice how green everything is in the Canyon. This is yet another place that I can’t believe is in Arizona.

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2 Responses to “Jack’s Canyon”

  1. vince Says:

    great job april!! genesis is fun, isn’t it!? paul you better take care of that finger. i’ll be home in a couple of days, then were off to maple…wooo hooo!!!!

  2. April Says:

    YES! A comment! People *do* read our site, haha.

    Thanks for the compliment Vince. And yeah – Genesis was stellar. I redpointed!!

    Yeah yeah Maple Maple!! Can’t wait!

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