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Way way back, when Paul and I first started this website, we vowed to never put bad, mad or sad news here. We meant this to be a place for sharing only the fun adventures (because dwelling on the not-so-fun is just…well…not so fun). Sadly, however, I’ve decided to break our cardinal rule and share our recent loss of our Morgie. She’s had so many admirers over the years that I figured this would be the easiest place to bring everyone up to date. And well, because it’s all so devastating that I really have a hard time mentioning it verbally.

Earlier this year both Paul and I noticed that Morgan was slowing down a bit. She was falling behind on short runs and hikes, not noticing cars drive up to the house, and not all that interested in hanging out at the ponds at my parent’s house (her all-time favorite haunt back when we lived east). Then late this summer she developed a bit of a limp that gradually got worse and worse and then really worse. Somewhat reluctantly, I finally took her to the vet to get a diagnosis…fearing that it was most likely some sort of news I didn’t want to hear. And I was right. It was bone cancer. So finally, after many weeks of sadness and plenty of pets, hugs, treats and love, we said our goodbyes to our sweet brown dog gal and had her put to rest.

Morgan has been with me since she was 10 weeks old. It’s hard to believe that 12 and 1/2 years have passed since that day I picked her up and knew that her and I were meant to be. I can’t even begin to list all the places she has traveled to and all the adventures she’s been on with us over the years. She’s crossed the country multiple times, has waited patiently at the base of just about every climbing cliff we’ve ever been to, has put up with numerous hours crammed into a moving vehicle on our many, many roadtrips, has trail run obscene distances without complaint, has hiked ridiculously far for good bouldering or a good view, has guarded many a campfire, woody session, and now two small babes. And above all, has given us unconditional love and loyalty that I never thought possible from a pet. To put it simply, she wasn’t a pet. She was part of our family. And she’ll be sadly missed.

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3 Responses to “Morgan”

  1. Karin Says:

    I am so sorry. I can’t imagine what you guys must be going through. My two idiots send lots of smooches when you are ready for them.

  2. Erin McGrew Says:

    April – I’m so sorry and saddened to read this. I’ll always have such happy memories of you and Morgie. RIP sweet girl.

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks Erin, and Karin too. We miss her a ton.

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