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Stellar Trip Indeed

We climbed. We hiked. We climbed. We camped. We climbed. We climbed some more. And mama sent! (Which never happens in Yosemite). Photo log below. Video coming soon.

Drug Dome boulders
First send of the trip: Warm Up Arete, v2
Slopers and Dopers, v4. Last summer had to leave this one unfinished. This summer: crushed it.
Our campsite at Tuolumne Meadows Campground
A site right next to the river! Score again!
A heinous uphill trudge on a nonexistent trail in the late afternoon while in a Tuolumne heatwave results in no choice but a send of the classic Booze Bottle, v6.
…”cause we are NOT hiking all the way back up here again Dad.”
The “descent”
Rest day hunt for the best swimming hole ever
The ultra classic and ultra hard Conquistadors, v8. Paul will need to come back for this one.

 Silas working out Warm Up Roof, v3

My goal for the trip:  Ian’s Prow, v6!  Done!

Same day headed over to the Medlicott boulders. And Ivan ticks off a rad Unnnamed v1 with a dyno!

Finishing this awesome sendage day off with a refreshing dip in Tenaya Lake. The boys found playmates.

While Paul and I enjoyed adult beverages in the evening sun. Long summer days are the best!
A “rest day” hike up to Cathedral Lakes

About 10 miles hiked this day in total. Worth it.

Another that Paul will need to come back for: Detached, v8. These Yosemite boulders are HARD!
Another to come back for: Unnamed, v6. Funny how there’s so many excellent boulder problems in Tuolumne without names.
A venture down into The Valley. Camped one night here next to “the loud boys” (two smaller boys next to us that must not ever sleep and clearly still need trained in volume adjustment)

Blue dragonfly by the Merced River

Ivan climbs his first v2, an unnamed problem at the Curry boulders

This trip was put together piecemeal, with both Paul and I checking campsite availability nearly every day leading up to the trip. An open night at Bridalveil Campground came up so we grabbed it, even though it’s not near any climbing. Soooo worth it. The family deemed this campsite our favorite of the trip. And Taft Point was just a short drive and hike away.

Approaching Taft Point
Taft Point
Best campsite of the trip. Totally chill.
The Roof, v4. Another great send.
The Giving Tree, v9. Paul wanted soooo bad to repeat this, because it’s THAT good. Dang that first move though!

This place is really starting to grow on me

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