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Roadtrip: Pittsburgh, Part II

Well the Tour de Family is over and we’re back at home now. We concluded the trip with a few more days down in Pittsburgh before hitting the road back to Arizona – see photos below. We’re soooo happy to have embarked upon such a crazy adventure with the little ones…cause now we know that anything’s possible! 🙂 We are blessed with two outstanding little travelers. We hope to do a similar trip east next summer again.

ps. Full credit goes to Jenna and Kate for giving us the kickstart on this roadtrip with their wedding invite! Thanks you two! And congrats again on your beautiful marriage. 🙂

Ivan getting all the smooches he can in from Grandma

…and hugs

Making his rounds: Now getting some good advice from Pap Pap

The boys with their Pittsburgh cousin!!! Luke!!!

Silas with his Aunt Francine


Silas with Grandma

Silas with the windmill

Silas with harry potter

Silas anticipating what kind of city life he’ll see next: garbage truck, mailman, or dog lady

Yard work with Pap Pap

Earning his keep

You missed a spot, Pap Pap!

Nothin’ like a hard days work

Now it’s time to play!

C’mon Pap Pap!

Got him!

My buddy

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