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Silas’ First Fishing Trip!

Papa has been DYING to take Silas fishing (Note: fishing is to my father as rock climbing is to Paul and I – he’s a diehard) and the other day he finally got his chance. After much research on the prime AZ fishing spots, he decided we should venture down to Patagonia Lake State Park. Having never been, this trip revealed yet another amazing gem we have here in Arizona only about an hour away.

When we arrived the weather was perfect: cloudy, cool and breezy. Papa helped Silas rig up his line with a nice plump worm and they got straight to work. Papa would cast Silas’ line and then they’d sit, watching and waiting for some action on Silas’ little red and white bobber. After a bit, Silas would get anxious and start reeling his line in (Silas is already a pro at reeling thanks to much practice in the pool with Papa). And then Papa would cast it back out for him.

After a couple hours the cool cloudy day began turning into a threatening thunderstorm. We were convinced it would just be a short burst of a storm and then blow over – typical for Arizona. Paul, my mother and I decided to pack up the kids and head to the car to wait it out while Papa stayed behind, determined to catch a fish (a diehard, remember?). Usually when a storm starts to blow in the fish bite like crazy. He had gotten 2 bites thus far but both got away due to snags on the rocks near the shore. Turns out, the storm wasn’t the “blow over type” after all. The wind picked up and changed direction completely and then it started hailing. Papa came running.

So that marks the official first fishing day for Silas. It’s too bad we didn’t actually get to catch any fish, however hunkering down in the car watching it downpour outside with lightening, hail and gusty winds made up for it. Silas loved it.

Silas with his tackle box. Grandma with the poles. Dad with the snacks.

The fishing spot

Checking out the water – any fish in there?

Lines in the water

Silas learning from the master

This is easy!

Silas and Papa discussing the conditions

Silas and Grandma discussing the yummy snacks we brought

Storm blowing in

Ivan too busy cuddling on dad to fish

Our little fisher boy

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