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Wise Thoughts, by Ivan

Mornings are always a challenge. Most parents can probably relate. Coaxing the kids out of bed, urging them to hurry it up getting dressed and packing their lunches and making their beds, checking their pants to make sure they don’t have holes in the butt (cause they refuse to wear underwear…too hot they say. We live in the desert, can’t argue with that one). And then the morning routine inevitably culminates with bickering in or over the bathroom, followed by Ivan taking F O R E V E R to do teeth, face and hair. I like to blast opera music to keep my calm.

This morning was no different. Ivan’s in the bathroom taking F O R E V E R to unscrew the freakin’ cap off the toothpaste tube and squirt some paste on his toothbrush! “Hurry UP!” I command. And he responds with this, ever so sweetly and calm:

Ivan: Mama, what’s your weakness?

Me: Patience.

Ivan: Yep. You are correct. I think that’s Dad’s too.

Me: Yeah, you drive us crazy! Now BRUSH YOUR TEETH ALREADY!

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4 Responses to “Wise Thoughts, by Ivan”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Oh my, can I relate. Though, I only have one son…once upon a time I dated someone that was like having a second a child (Vince) lol. No dig on V though because we’re all good at this point in life. Anyway, if you are up for suggestions?! At home, I woke and prepared myself first while listening to my favorite jams, second wake the one the would take the most time getting ready (Mars) hair, face etc. young teens. Anyway, while Mars was doing his thing I would coax V to wake up etc. Mars took forever in the bathroom…patience is definitely important. However, problem solving in which you are both incredibly skilled is the real deal. You’ve got this, apologies if this sounds preachy, wake yourself up to your favorite jams. Much love, Tammy

  2. admin Says:


  3. Cara Says:

    O.M.G. is this Padraig or what?! BTW, my High School self thought he was quoting “Shoop” HAHAHAHAH, in which your response should have been “MEN!” hah miss your face!

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks for putting the song in my head. 🎶“What’s your weakness? MEN!”🎶. Hahaha.

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