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Escaping the Heat – ideas anyone?

The Coronado National Forest is in lockdown. No camping, no picnicking, no hiking, no climbing, no trail running, no nothing. Do not enter. The Coronado National Forest encompasses all mountains surrounding Tucson. This means no Catalinas (i.e. Mount Lemmon), no Rincons, no Santa Ritas, no Chiricahuas, nada. Seriously. Due to the extremely dry conditions (and no doubt the fact that the country’s firefighters are all busy fighting other AZ fires), we can’t risk a spark. The mountains are closed until further notice. Read: Rain. And the monsoon season is at least a month out.

We’ve been turned away from the cool forests during the hot summer before – Flagstaff has closed the Coconino Forest in the past (i.e. no Priest Draw), but never on our home turf. And now hanging around the house on this lazy Sunday with the temps cookin’ outside Paul and I are at a loss of what to do to. It just so happens Paul decided to sign up to run Colorado’s Imogene Pass Run this fall to enforce a serious rest from climbing to heal up his elbow tendonitis. Not good. If one can’t get on the trails and run up the mountains, how exactly does one properly train for a 17 mile race that runs from Ouray to Telluride up and over a 13,000+ foot pass? Dunno.

With each southwest summer and the smothering 100+ degree temps it brings, I like to try to compare it to the coldest of cold winters in the Northeast. Only the tough will survive. Only the hardcore will dare go out it in. Only the crazy will actually ..gasp.. enjoy it. So I remind myself of this as I put Silas down for his afternoon nap and glance at the thermostat that reads 102 degrees, and then proceed to go outside into the oven to campus. Tough, yeah. Hardcore, yeah. Crazy, yeah. My mantra has never been so necessary as it is now. What other option do I have? How else can I train? Dunno.

The one thing we do know is that they haven’t closed the Flagstaff forests. No yet anyway. So probably like all other Tucsonians that need to escape the heat we’ll be heading back up there very soon. Here are some photos from last weekend’s trip:

Silas giving his go on a variation of Bat Roof, v3

Contemplating the day’s climbing

Awaiting his power breakfast – hurry it up, Dad, I’m ready to go climbing

Warming up

The usual cuteness

More climbing

Are we heading to the rocks soon?

The drool kiss. I love it.

Finally! We’re at the rocks. Now get climbing mama!

Singing itsy btsy spider on top of his trusty friend

Mama being all spider-like on Meateater, v7

Meateater, v7

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