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Last week Paul had a conference to attend near Dana Point, CA so we decided to make a small family road trip out of it. Silas got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time…or any ocean for that matter. He was terrified at first (I think the sound of the waves scared him), but warmed up to it fast until we couldn’t keep him from bolting toward the water every chance he got. We stayed in a campground on the beach – quite relaxed and surfer-like. And then swung though Joshua Tree on the way home for some bouldering.

Silas’ first day at the ocean. Poor baby isn’t impressed.

Later that night at the beach – warming up to it.

Ok, maybe this could be fun


This is fun mama!

And so is this!

Makin’ a break for it – back to the waves

with Dad

Silas’ second day at the beach.  Certified beach bum.

Paul’s conference location.  Whoa.

Rides of the conference attendees.  Whoa.

Relaxing at a restaurant on the coast in Malibu

The view from the restaurant

Life is good

Joshua Tree, CA.  Grabbing mama’s sunglasses while she’s busy climbing

Silas stretching his chubby legs amongst the Joshua Trees

Paul making quick work of Chili Sauce, aka The Moffatt Problem, v7

My turn

Silas under The Headstone

My baby

The Meadows Boulder

Wrapping up the trip with a J-Tree sunset

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