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Quick Update

Lots of pics lately and not many words, I know. Which means one thing and one thing only: We’re busy! That, and it’s a lot easier and quicker to dump a few pics on the site when Silas is busy with his toys than to write some intelligent words. And he’s busy at the moment…so here’s a quick update from our corner of the desert:

We’re about to embark on our Hueco season (Nov and Dec being just a sampling). So in preparation we of course have been training our little climber butts off, which has required some intense time management skills lemme tell ya – Silas’ nap-time being a very critical factor, hehe. The strength seems to be coming along nicely meaning hopefully the training will pay off in a couple of weeks when we pull on to what really matters (read, REAL rock not plastic!). Paul and I both are trying to break a grade this season so the pressure’s on. Woohoo! Love it!

Silas has been busting through all kinds of his own grades lately. He has now officially mastered being able to target his rear end to sit down on things other than the floor – things such as his little Silas chair, my leg, the front stoop. It’s been quite entertaining watching him learn. He’d get into a squat position in front of his little seat and then slowly squat further anticipating the seat under his bum, only to realize he was too far forward or too far to the side. And then he’d try to figure out how to correct his predicament. First option: keeping the squat, back up until he bumps his bum into the seat and then maneuver backwards to get it on. Second option: stand up and turn around so that he’s now facing the seat, putting his hands on the seat squarely and trying to squat again…ok, you’re facing the wrong way, totally not going to work baby, sorry. Third option: “Aaaaaaaahh!” After much trial and error, we think he’s got it now. Paul snapped this shot below the other day – Silas having gotten onto the seat all on his own. Hooray!

Let’s see anything else to report on? Work, boring. School, too much info. Climbing, check. Silas, check. Morgan, same ol’ brown dog. All other extra-curricular activities? Well, we did manage to squeeze out some time for a little family hike before it got dark the other night on Douglas Springs…see pics below. That’s all for now. Hopefully exciting climbing posts coming soon!

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