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Protocol Muscle at The Draw

On one weekend at Priest Draw our friends Cat and Gus joined us. Both are now Protocol enthusiasts too. Climbers plus weightlifting? Don’t knock until you try.

WHICH pocket?! A common scene at Bat Roof, v3

The kids have their own use for all these pockets

Gus slapping his way up Wife Beater, v8

Cat on an adjacent and also slappy unnamed v2 we oh-so-creatively refer to as “Sister Beater”

Paul giving a sending go on Carnibroiler, v12, which he nailed the following weekend

And me on Meateater, v7. DONE! FINALLY! Still can’t believe this thing was so hard for me. I’ve vowed to never attempt a repeat. Ever!

Icing on the cake, I snag Move N Groove Barbie, v7 the following weekend. Woo!

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