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Yosemite Day 2

Time to climb!

Paul doesn’t hesitate and jumps right on the 4-star smear-y, stem-y and tall classic Once Upon a Time, v3

I settle for Alobar, v2

The Diamond, v8. AMAZING!

This is the view from this particular set of boulders. Not bad.

If you look really really REALLY close in the center of this pic, you’ll see two portaledges (i.e. hanging tents affixed to vertical rock). They belong to Adam Ondra and party, and at this very moment he was trying to complete a repeat of The Dawn Wall. He succeeded and later in the week Paul and the kids ran into him and got to share their congratulations.

Back down on earth’s smaller stones, Paul makes quick work of Bridalveil Pogo, v7

…while the kids entertain themselves on fallen trees

Love it!

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